AD & D Lawyers


            Our lawyers firm is mainly property law oriented.

            Our professionals advise at competitive sales processes or at ordinary property purchases as well as during the regularization of property portfolios for subsequent sale or for the optimization of the patrimony.

            We offer top quality juridical advice to all actors of the property market – purchasers, real estate agents, real estate brokers, building firms, developers, architects, property owners, Communities of owners,…

            Therefore, target of our advice and activity at property law, among others, are:

            Advising when buying and selling properties, elaboration, supervision and negotiation of property contracts, elaboration, supervision and negotiation of constitutional contracts. Analysis of alternatives for the construction of Horizontal Property regimes and property complexes and the creation and negotiation of all the necessary legal documents (constitutional deeds of the de horizontal property and property complexes, segregation, association, aggregation  and new building, statutes and house rules and regulations etc.).

            Likewise, this sectorial experience is complemented with the advice on the remaining juridical specialties that could get affected (physical, labour, competence, etc…), through our full consultancy service.


            We offer a consultancy service as best solution for the client.

            We advise our clients, try to avoid disputes and also to strengthen their position when facing a possible lawsuit.

            We interact with all the practical areas of the firm to offer our clients maximum specialization in each case.


            Collaboration networks that contribute to offer a better service to our national and international clients.

            That is, our independence allows us to work in a coordinated way, on request of the client, with other lawyer firms, auditors, bookkeepers, merchant Banks, financial institutions and professional advisors of divers fields of activity.