Agency: Attending calls or breakdown calls or others, channelling through the Office its follow up, resolution and attention to the matter. All incidents are introduced in specific software for a better follow up and control. Periodical visits to the Complex, as necessary. Follow up on insurance claims. Production and sending calls and proxy forms for general meetings for its study and approval. Assistance and advice at the Annual General Meeting. Production of the General Meeting Minutes. Execution of agreements reached at the Meeting, etc… Holding and keeping the property owners’ data base updated, registering changes when they occur. Editing and sending out letters, memorandums, writs, requirements or notifications to owners, suppliers, official organisms …etc.

            Advisor: Advising on issues: related to the Horizontal Property or property matters in general. Debt collection. Fiscal, labour and technical obligations. Representation of the Community at the authorities and official organisms,... Data custody and processing according to the Personal Data Protection Act

            Manager: Control of suppliers, breakdowns, insurances, banks, Town hall, Autonomous region, Social Security, Tax office, looking for the best conditions for the property.

            Bookkeeper: Elaboration of the Community’s account books, having this service completely computerized. Presentation of financial reports to the board of directors, with advice to make better use of the recourses. Presentation to the board of directors of various investment quotations and expenses. Collection and payment process in relation with the Year Budget. Invoicing and charging receipts corresponding to the community quotas. Monitoring the balance of each owner, drawing up a list of debtors and study of their possible payment options. Presentation of year Budget proposal for the following fiscal year to the Board of directors for their study and approval.

            Secretary: Watching over the Community’s documentation, bearing witness of the agreements, making its application possible with professional criteria, and issuing debt/non debt certifications.

            Mediator: Between the Community and the owner, between the owners, between the landlord and the tenant, between the employer and the employees, trying to find solutions to avoid unnecessary disputes or lawsuits.


            The possibility to give Access to co-owners of the Community by means of our WEB page, to a reserved area with an Access code. Through this service you and your co-owners can look up Community information (Calls, Minutes, Liquidations, etc…) Access the virtual notice board or, among others, in a quick and reliable way, request certificates or make payment method changes.

            All communications, notifications etc… that the Administration sends out are both in Spanish and in English and with the possibility to provide in other languages.

            At the General Meeting, when necessary for a matter to discuss, a projector is provided.

            Likewise at the General Meeting Administration staff is present to translate the meeting when necessary.